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Landscape Collection

Just a simple collection of our favorite landscape projects. Some are from featured jobs, others are not.Either way, it is here for your (and our) viewing pleasure!Clean, modern, luxurious.

The Sidewalk

This was an interesting project as we had a lot of water to contend with. There was an old french drain system behind the wall that worked, but with the customer wanting a paver sidewalk – we had to redo a lot of the drain work. Tiling in a french drain, and several downspouts. We… Read More »The Sidewalk

The Faux River

The customer wanted a change of scenery from the over-grown wooded area. They wanted to be able to enjoy their coffee on the back deck and have a scene of beauty offering a calming escape. They also wanted something unique and completely custom to them. Something that no one else has. Our solution? A now… Read More »The Faux River