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    The Faux River

    The customer wanted a change of scenery from the over-grown wooded area. They wanted to be able to enjoy their coffee on the back deck and have a scene of beauty offering a calming escape. They also wanted something unique and completely custom to them. Something that no one else has.

    Our solution?

    A now nationally award-winning landscaped garden!

    Though incredibly challenging as access was incredibly difficult (as you can see from the pictures) and most of it had to be done by hand as once half of “the river” was built; there was no way to get equipment in there. Of course, to top it off, the grade of the hill was very steep.

    In all, we got it done and it’s beautifully built using a variety of Mexican Beach Pebble, Northern Lights Marble, Desert Sunset, and large lava rocks. Pairing it with deer and juglone-resistant plantings. Like Karl Forester, Kelsey Dwarf Dogwoods, Standing Ovation Little Bluestem, and Tiny Wine Ninebark, to name a few.

    Finishing it off with black mulch, and of course lighting. This project is one for the books!

    We won’t call this one simple. But we will call it modern and luxurious!