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    The Sidewalk

    This was an interesting project as we had a lot of water to contend with. There was an old french drain system behind the wall that worked, but with the customer wanting a paver sidewalk – we had to redo a lot of the drain work. Tiling in a french drain, and several downspouts. We also had to have several irrigation lines moved, a hidden dog fence, and of course our wire for lighting.

    All in all, we wanted to give a modern and luxurious feel while staying within the brown tones. Though too many plants to name. The pavers are done County Vantage in their new color Enlighten accented with a smooth Elements paver in Reflection for the solider course. The wall is a Keystone Compac III in Harvest and of course, lighting up the night with a variety of low voltage lights.

    Clean, modern, luxurious.