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    The Oak Valley

    This is easily one of our favorite projects and customers to work with (yes, we say a lot, but what’s the point if you can’t stay excited about the next project). He wanted a new front yard and had two main requests. One that he gets more privacy from the road and two that his American flag is a centerpiece.

    We built a higher wall with large Sycamore trees accenting either side. Closest to the road we planted Wichita Blue Junipers that will grow 10-15’ tall, in front of that we planted Little Quickfire Hydrangea that should get around 5’ tall and wide, in front of that, we planted an assortment of perennials which are summer and spring blooming, accented by a few taller ornamental grasses. Bringing color, beauty, and more privacy year around!

    We also installed a higher flagpole, a bigger flag, added a few Little Hottie hydrangea bushes, Standing Ovation Little Bluestem ornamental grasses, and cabinet gorge boulders. Using rock as the ground cover to help reduce movement from rain and snow removal. Offering color in a minimalist fashion allowing our beautiful American flag to stand out day & night!

    This is a Keystone Compac III wall in Harvest along with Harvest colored bullet edgers, accented with walnut brown mulch. For the final, subtle – yet noticeable spark – Cabinet Gorge and Grey Slate boulders.

    Clean, modern, luxurious.