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    Landscaping, it’s a process!

    Calls. Emails. Meetings. Proposals. Decisions. It’s dusty and dirty, material stacked all around, noisy equipment all day long. Whether installing a new backyard full of hardscape, plants, lights, and everything else. Or simply adding mulch to an existing bed. The unfortunate truth of our business is that it can be quite the process. And that can be a lot considering your home is your place of peace, the calm respite away from the crazy of the world.

    While not perfect – we do our best to make it as easy as possible. Which is why we’ve added free, no obligation things like the pricing tool. Although it won’t get you exact numbers as there are far too many variations, it does allow for a range. This way when you reach out – it helps ensure we can create a solution best fit for you.

    Now once the project has started, depending on the scope of the job and the site, access and staging material can be quite difficult.

    Between ripping out old landscape excavation for hardscapes; storing bulks materials like rock, dirt, mulch…. pallets of hardscape materials like edging, pavers, retaining wall blocks, geo-grid, rolls of tile…the equipment, so much equipment. Trucks, trailers, skid steer, loader, excavator, compactors, tool… oh and the tools; – shovels, levels, hammers, rakes… my oh my, just writing this is giving me stress. Probably because I know how much it cost to buy. But I digress.

    It’s a lot – I know. But we understand that we are in your space, messing up the routine, the ‘system’ that is your home. Because of this we do our best to accommodate your plans. If that means starting later so as not to make too much noise before the kids wake up or ensuring we leave a clean job site so it doesn’t interrupt the Monday Night Football party. Then that’s exactly what we will do!

    Though I would love to say that it’s all sunshine and rainbows, the truth is – the process isn’t perfect. On the contrary it’s rather ugly and can be quite stressful. Now if you will allow it, I’d like to paint you a picture.  

    See I have had both the fortunate and unfortunate blessing of living a difficult life. Some things were in my control, others weren’t. But through it all I have learned that true personal growth only comes from grave discomfort. Some of the world’s most beautiful things and most amazing people are only formed after great discomfort.

    Diamonds come after the high temperature and pressure. Pears are only formed because of the extreme discomfort to the Oyster. Wine is not found hanging on the vine. But rather through the pressing, squeezing, and fermentation of the grapes.

    Picture this…gently rocking on your swing. You find the distinct scent only a Midwest made steak on a grill can offer is floating through the air. Further leaning into your senses, you notice the distinct sound of a song sparrow calling for its mate. While the soft sound of splashing water flows through the space. Closing your eyes as you take a deep breath in. Opening your eyes again as you breathe out.

    Ahh, that’s it. That’s beauty. That’s the respite you were looking for. Almost cinematic, it’s peace.

    It’s home!

    Sunsets, family, laughter. Your new calm escape is coming – allow us to walk you through the process first.