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    The New One

    This customer wanted a solution for a hot tub and swim spa that would maximize efficiency in space and offer some privacy. They also wanted a modern, chic, luxurious look.

    Though requiring some engineering to ensure we constructed the walls to withstand the weight of the concrete, the hot tub, and of course – the water inside the hot tub (an important factor for consideration).

    Our solution was a modern look using the new Keystone Retaining Wall System Dark Star Contemporary block, finished with a natural Indiana Limestone Cap. To bring it all together we used a charcoal-colored bullet edger, and slate scape rock in the garden beds. While sprinkling in a hint of Cabinet Gorge accent stones.

    To offer privacy on the lower pad where the swim spa is – we planted a row of Skyrocket Junipers which should grow 12-15’ tall and 3-4’ wide. Along the upper portion of the wall where the hot tub is to be placed, we planted a few Fire Dragon Maiden Grasses. These grasses should grow nicely at 5-7’ feet but due to a stiff leaf and a tendency to also stay within 3-4’ keep the plantings in the rock bed and not hanging over the wall in the entertainment are.

    Of course, we added down lights along the wall and a few of our modern style square top path lights.

    Creating a beautiful balance of luxurious modernism with simplicity!