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    The Leaner

    As you can see the main wall was leaning and the customer wanted to get it fixed. The part coming around the basketball court was added a few years ago when they installed the concrete. And we really didn’t want to tear that down. So, we ended up excavating to that point and matching the new wall from to it.

    We installed all new cap – to help the wall blend better. And of course, lighting – what’s a T & C Landscape wall without lighting?!

    Last but not least, they had a failing retaining wall around the window well that needed to be done, so we built that to match the big wall. Finishing it off with all new landscaping.

    Fun fact about this project – when excavating on the hill we found lots of trash. While not uncommon for us, as before the land was developed and it was a farm. Farmers would often use the trash that won’t burn to fill holes and such on their properties.

    But what is uncommon is in the corner where the large boulder is…. the hill was wet, very wet….and stayed wet. Our trench would fill with water, we would get it dry – come back the next day and it was full again. We checked tile lines, downspouts from neighbors, sprinklers, etc… called the city to see if there was a water main or storm sewer in the area, and NOTHING.

    Turns out – it was a natural spring! So, we had to build some tricky drainage fields (of sorts) under our wall to help guide the water away from the wall and out of the backyard. Certainly challenging, even more rewarding!

    Clean, modern, luxurious.