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    The Flag

    The customer’s main request was to have a flagpole be the centerpiece of his yard. Both at night, and during the day. To show much due respect and honor to our nation’s great flag and all she stands for.

    Our overall solution was planting 7 Fanal Astilbe’s (red) on one side of the flag while planting 6 Bridal Vein (white) astilbe’s on the other side. This color coordination matches with the stripes in the flag. Along the back, we planted Midnight Bluebeards to bring it all together to match the red, white, and blue of the flag.

    We added about another 100 or plants and trees around the property and in the gardens. Along with 30 lights, including 3 lights around the flagpole. This way, whichever way the wind blows – the flag is always lit as it should be.

    This is one of several flagpole and flagpole gardens that we’ve either built or updated. When it is all said and done, we carefully un-fold the flag and stand with the customer as they raise the American Flag for the first time in their new garden. It is always a special moment for the customer and the T & C Landscape team!

    Simple, Modern, Luxurious.